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Introduction of WPC Flooring

Views:10 Publish Time: 2021-06-15 Author: Louis Lu

Introduction of WPC Flooring

WPC is a kind of environment-friendly and healthy material, which has a lot of development and achievements in various fields.

After a series of research and development, WPC floor has broken the traditional concept in the floor industry and become a fashionable, noble, environmental protection and durable new floor.

Improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the floor surface, unify the surface gloss, and improve the waterproof function and anti pollution function.


Transparent wear-resistant layer: ensure wear-resistant strength and increase service life.

Printed fabric layer: provide a variety of pattern styles.

Bottom material layer: balance function to ensure that the floor is not warped or arched

PUR glue: used for bonding LVT layer and WPC layer.

WPC layer: It is the base material layer to control the thickness of the product and increase the strength of the product.

PUR glue: used for bonding WPC layer and IXPE layer

IXPE layer: Function of buffering and sound absorption