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Boyu Brings Exclusive Plastic Extrusion Machines to Attend K 2022

Views:34 Publish Time: 2022-10-14 : Louis Lu

Boyu Brings Exclusive Plastic Extrusion Machines to Attend K 2022

Boyu Brings Exclusive Plastic Extrusion Machines to Attend K 2022

As one of the most experienced manufacturers of plastic extrusion machines, Boyu is responsible for producing and delivering high-performance plastic extruders at the front. Therefore, to fulfill this responsibility, we will carry types of unique plastic extrusion machines to attend K 2022 at booth number 8bE11-12 from October 19th to 26th.


K 2022, held in Germany, is recognized as the leading business platform for the plastics and rubber industry. As the world’s No. 1 trade fair, K 2022 is an essential window for business people to find potential partners and give them opportunities to share future perspectives and solutions. All in all, Boyu is gladly to bring worldwide acclaimed plastic extrusion machines to attend K 2022. 


What Boyu Has Done to Prepare K 2022

We aim to showcase our advanced plastic extrusion machines and the most satisfying services at K 2022 to attract potential customers, thereby increasing our brand awareness worldwide. Therefore, in recent months, we have been meticulously preparing for K 2022 with continuous efforts. 


1. Focus on Product Performance

The performance of plastic extrusion machines is an essential thing that our customers think highly of. In order to achieve our goal of offering the best plastic extrusion machines to our clients, we pay attention to R&D and the rigorous production of plastic extruders. And the following are what we will present at K 2022 with years of hard work: 


SPC Flooring Extrusion Line

As the name shows, the SPC flooring extrusion line is designed to yield Stone Plastic Composite flooring, which is durable, waterproof, and stylish. To showcase how our distinctive SPC flooring extrusion lines help produce certain outputs in bulk, the following are some major merits that people can obtain:

üAutomatic control

üStable performance

üHigh productivity

üLong-term use

üAffordable to buy

üEnvironmentally friendly


LVT Flooring Extrusion Line

LVT flooring extrusion line is an expert in producing LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring, which is famous for its luxurious texture and stability in the long term. With the continuous hard efforts in this field, our LVT flooring extrusion lines come with the following benefits:

üHigh innovation

üAdvanced technology

üEasy to operate

üSave total operation cost

üImprove the work efficiency

üDurable to use

üStable to produce bulk outputs


Except for the above-mentioned plastic extrusion machines, we are available for PVC, WPC, PP, and other types of flooring lines with the highest quality at reasonable prices. For instance, these plastic extrusion machines have easy maintenance, fire retardation, high elasticity, waterproofing, environmental protection, and other noteworthy benefits. 


2. Comply with the Market Trend

Another move that we are constantly making is to follow the market trend to provide suitable plastic extrusion machines to our clients. For instance, the performance and cost of plastic extrusion machines are the greatest concerns to the masses, which also redirects the plastic extrusion machine market. 


In order to satisfy the market’s requirements, we have developed several types of plastic extrusion machines with awesome performance and value of cost. On the one hand, our plastic extrusion machines are designed with a high extrusion rate, which can achieve a huge production quantity on a continuous manufacturing cycle without any interruption. On the other hand, these plastic extrusion machines use solid materials to guarantee high durability and less maintenance, making their lifespan longer than other competitors.


About Boyu

Being a praised plastic extruder manufacturer for over two decades, Boyu is now a leading pioneer who sets a new standard in the plastic extrusion machine industry. With a super-qualified technical team closely monitoring the production of plastic extrusion machines, we proudly deliver top-tier plastic extrusion machines and other solutions that exceed international customers’ expectations. 


All in all, participating in K 2022 will allow us to present our unique plastic extrusion machines to worldwide visitors and create an opportunity to exchange our perspectives with potential buyers. Therefore, if you want to experience our services and products, please come and see us at K 2022 from October 19th to 26th in Düesseldorf, Germany.