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The Pulverizer Operation Guidance

Views:3 Publish Time: 2021-06-30 : Louis Lu

The Pulverizer Operation Guidance

Before Starting:

First put on labor protection articles, tie up the cuffs and pants, and wear the mask and hat.Then open the miller cooling water pump, check whether the cooling water is normal circulation and whether there is water in the outlet. Check whether the belt tightness of the miller is normal (select the lower end of the belt with a wooden stick to judge, pay attention not to use hands) whether the safety cover is well, check whether the vibrating feeding knob is in the minimum state. Check whether the emergency stop button is spring-back. Check whether the equipment screws are firmly connected. Don't start until all is well.


First, press the start button of fan and vibrating screen motor, and then press the start button of grinding motor when it is normal. At this time, the motor starts at low speed, and the low speed start indicator is on. After 28 seconds, it automatically turns to high speed, and the high speed start indicator lights up. The operator must monitor the sound and condition of the motor during the whole start, otherwise, the machine must stop immediately by pressing the stop button! Must find out the cause before starting. When the machine is running normally, slowly turn the feeding knob to control the main current at 75 amps. Above 75 amperes there is a danger of overload, below 75 amperes there is a reduction in efficiency and waste of electricity. Therefore, the miller operator must often observe the current situation in the work. The milling material must be free of metal impurities, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment. Milled powder must be weighed tight, stacked neatly, easy for the mixer operator feeding correct.

Fill 20g high temperature butter with oil gun every 48 hours of normal operation.


Feeding must be stopped before stopping the machine, and the machine can be stopped after all the materials in the machine are empty. First, press the stop button of the motor, and then press the stop button of the fan and vibrating screen after the motor stops completely. Turn off the water pump. Clean up the work site.