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Classification of laboratory instruments and equipment

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Classification of laboratory instruments and equipment

Classification of laboratory instruments and equipment

Instruments are an essential part of the laboratory. 9 categories of laboratory instruments and equipment are sorted out for reference!


Chromatographic instrument

Liquid chromatography

Isocratic liquid chromatograph, binary high pressure manual liquid chromatograph, binary high pressure automatic liquid chromatograph, quaternary high pressure liquid chromatograph, semi preparative high performance liquid chromatograph, UV detector, fluorescence detector, evaporative light scattering detector, special air compressor for evaporative luminescence, differential detector, differential detector photochemical derivative, chromatographic workstation, online degassing machine, audit tracking chromatographic workstation column temperature box, liquid chromatographic column, special liquid chromatographic consumables


Gas chromatography

Gas chromatograph, FID detector, ECD detector, TCD detector, FPD detector, headspace sampler, thermal analyzer, air compressor, hydrogen generator, nitrogen generator hydrogen air integrated machine, nitrogen air integrated machine, nitrogen hydrogen air integrated machine, gas purifier stainless steel deoxidation tube, gas flowmeter, glass transparent deoxidation tube, gas chromatography consumables for gas chromatography columns, air generator


Spectral instrument

Detection of heavy metals

Automatic Sampling Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer, automatic sampling graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer (flame graphite furnace integration), atomic absorption spectrophotometer (single flame), atomic absorption spectrophotometer (hydride flame integration)Hydride generator, special air compressor for atom, element lamp, standard solution, special high-purity acetylene gas for atom, special high-purity argon gas for atom, special high-purity nitrogen gas for atom, special cooling water circulating pump for atom, microwave digester, pre heating processor, atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer, flame photometer


Thin layer content detection

Dual wavelength TLC scanner, full wavelength TLC scanner, automatic dual wavelength TLC scanner, omnipotent TLC scanner, all-purpose TLC scanner with UV observation, electric point sampler, electric strip sampler, automatic sample sampler, full software full automatic sampler, ultra-fine electric sprayer, double nozzle ultra fine electric sprayer, automatic spray system, automatic precast plate laying machine, electronic expansion instrument, fully automatic expansion instrument.


Thin layer identification

High end thin-layer chromatography imaging system, thin-layer chromatography imaging system, thin-layer chromatography camera, dark box camera, thin-layer imager, UV reflection and transmission instrument, three purpose UV analyzer, four purpose UV analyzer, two purpose UV analyzer


Infrared spectrometer

Fourier infrared spectrometer, infrared spectrophotometer, infrared oil detector, tablet pressing die of infrared tablet press, agate mortar, infrared oven, spectral pure potassium bromide, infrared spectrum collection infrared liquid pool (sealed pool), strong anti-corrosion Teflon liquid tank, infrared gas tank, special accessory package for drug packaging material detection, other accessories, infrared window series, grating spectrometer, photochemical reaction instrument


UV identification and content detection

Visible spectrophotometer, double beam ultraviolet spectrophotometer, single beam ultraviolet spectrophotometer, host scanning ultraviolet spectrophotometer, other ultraviolet spectrophotometer


Other analytical instruments

Antibiotic titer tester, filter integrity tester, TOC total organic carbon analyzer, sulfur dioxide tester, glove leak detector, freezing point osmotic pressure molar concentration tester, enzyme labeling instrument, multi-channel data recorder


Sample preparation

Concentration and nitrogen blowing

Rotary evaporator oil bath series, rotary evaporator water bath series, multi manifold rotary evaporator, circulating water vacuum pump, desktop circulating water vacuum pump, single meter multi tap vacuum pump, rotary evaporator, low temperature coolant circulating pump, glass reactor, type a parallel evaporator, type B parallel evaporator, vacuum control system, quantitative parallel concentration, parallel concentration nitrogen blowing instrument, automatic nitrogen blowing concentration instrument, water bath nitrogen blowing instrument, dry nitrogen blowing instrument, rotary evaporator, some supporting low temperature pumps, RV series vacuum reactors, parallel concentration evaporation instrument, automatic closed nitrogen blowing instrument, ultrasonic high temperature pressure reactor, constant temperature closed ultrasonic reactor, nitrogen purging instrument, glass instrument dryer, vacuum pump, high and low temperature circulating device of high-pressure reactor



Decolorization shaking table, vertical shaking table, horizontal shaking table, table shaking table, water bath shaking table, superposition shaking table, transfer shaking table, 3D shaking table, universal shaking table, side shaking table, rotary shaking table, rotary incubator



Constant temperature magnetic stirrer, multi head magnetic stirrer, multifunctional magnetic stirrer, high-power magnetic stirrer, heat collecting magnetic stirrer, flat stirrer, power increasing electric stirrer, six connected electric stirrer, temperature control electric stirrer, digital display DC constant speed stirrer, strong electric stirrer, electric stirrer, magnetic stirrer, other stirrers, multi-purpose test tube stirrer.


Oscillatory mixing

Gas bath constant temperature oscillator, water bath constant temperature oscillator, refrigeration bath constant temperature oscillator, high temperature oil bath oscillator, vertical multi-purpose oscillator, multi-purpose speed regulating oscillator, reciprocating oscillator, Conrad oscillator, constant temperature oscillator, cyclotron oscillator, micro oscillator, oscillation incubator low-speed oscillator, swing oscillator, penicillin oscillator, open oscillator, fast mixer, blood lysing machine, vortex mixer, oscillating water tank, gradient mixer, special oscillator for incubator, air constant temperature oscillator, test tube oscillator, microplate oscillator, super mixer


Bottle shaking machine

Large capacity bottle shaker, large capacity bottle shaker (double layer), small capacity bottle shaker, small capacity bottle shaker (double layer)


Crushing and mixing

Tissue crusher, adjustable high-speed homogenizer, electric homogenizer, high-speed universal pulverizer, internal cutting homogenizer, portable pulverizer, swing pulverizer, continuous feeding pulverizer, ultrasonic pulverizer, tissue grinder, homogenizer, multifunctional pulverizer


Water bath / water tank / thermostatic bath

Electric constant temperature water bath pot, electric constant temperature water bath, low temperature constant temperature water bath, super constant temperature oil bath, electric constant temperature water temperature tank, super constant temperature water bath, super constant temperature water bath, constant temperature metal bath, low temperature constant temperature water bath, micro thermostat, dry bath thermostat, constant temperature heating platform


Electric water distiller

5L / hour electric water distiller, 10L / hour electric water distiller, 20L / hour electric water distiller, 50L / hour electric water distiller, 100L / hour electric water distiller, 200L / hour electric water distiller, 400L / hour electric water distiller, 600L / hour electric water distiller, dryer / drying box, high purity water distiller


Ultrapure water machine

Reverse osmosis pure water machine, deionized pure water machine, general ultra pure water machine, two-stage reverse osmosis ultra pure water machine, ultra pure water machine, pure water machine accessories



Low speed centrifuge, high-speed centrifuge, high-speed freezing centrifuge, low-speed high-capacity freezing centrifuge, cap off centrifuge, blood bank centrifuge, smear centrifuge, mini centrifuge, beauty centrifuge, petroleum centrifuge, milk fat centrifuge, centrifugal precipitator, freezing super large capacity centrifuge, high-capacity freezing centrifuge, electric centrifuge, filter centrifuge



Biological microscope, fluorescence microscope, phase contrast microscope, polarizing microscope, stereomicroscope, metallographic microscope, UIS microscope, inverted microscope, video microscope, digital microscope, computer microscope, transmittance and reflection microscope, dark field microscope



Portable sterilizer, vertical flip sterilizer, vertical hand wheel sterilizer, vertical intelligent sterilizer, horizontal sterilizer, infrared inoculation sterilizer


Solid phase extraction

Circular solid phase extraction device, square solid phase extraction device, CNC solid phase extraction device, automatic solid phase extraction device


Bacterial multipoint inoculator

Mic multipoint inoculation instrument, bacterial multipoint inoculation system


Microbial detection equipment

Colony counter, semi-automatic colony counter, intelligent colony counter, microbial limit tester, homogenizer, bacteria collector, filter


Homogenizer series

Flapping homogenizer biological sample homogenizer high-speed dispersion homogenizer ball grinder Ultrasonic Cell Crusher


Culture medium preparation and sub packaging

Automatic culture medium packing instrument, automatic culture medium preparation instrument


Chromatographic preparation

Solvent filter, cylinder filter, cup filter, oil-free vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, constant flow pump, peristaltic pump, vacuum pump filter, belt vacuum pump, single-stage vacuum pump, high temperature circulator, vacuum chlorinator, thermostatic circulator


Precision weighing

Analytical scales, precision scales, platform scales, jewelry scales, moisture meters, portable scales, other scales, density scales


Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Es series ultrasonic cleaning machine, rotary ultrasonic cleaning machine, numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine, high-power numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine, high-frequency numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine, dual frequency numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine, three frequency numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine, constant temperature numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine, lifting numerical control industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, low-frequency ultrasonic cleaner, desktop ultrasonic cleaning single tank ultrasonic cleaner, high-power ultrasonic cleaner, touch screen ultrasonic cleaner


Box equipment


Biochemical incubator, low-temperature biochemical incubator, mold incubator, humidity control mold incubator, carbon dioxide cell incubator, anaerobic incubator, constant temperature and humidity incubator, light incubator, artificial climate incubator, water-proof electric constant temperature incubator, electric constant temperature incubator, drying and culture dual-purpose incubator, multifunctional incubator, oscillation incubator, layer-light incubator, microbial incubator, precision constant temperature incubator, low temperature incubator, other incubators


Drying box

Electrothermal constant temperature drying oven, high temperature drying oven, electrothermal blast drying oven, desktop blast drying oven, box type resistance furnace / muffle furnace, hot air disinfection oven, vacuum drying oven, far infrared drying oven, film oven, high and low temperature test chamber, high and low temperature damp heat oven, high and low temperature alternating damp heat oven, high and low temperature alternating test chamber, precision blast drying oven, vertical blast drying oven and natural convection drying oven, other drying ovens, electric heating plates, electric heating sets


Medical refrigerator

Medical refrigerated storage box - chromatography cabinet of medicine, reagent and vaccine laboratory, - 25 vertical low-temperature storage box, - 25 horizontal low-temperature storage box, - 40 vertical low-temperature storage box, - 40 horizontal low-temperature storage box, - 60 vertical low-temperature storage box, - 60 horizontal low-temperature storage box, - 86 vertical low-temperature storage box, - 86 horizontal low-temperature storage box, - 130 horizontal low-temperature storage box, 4 medical low-temperature storage box, blood storage box, platelet thermostatic storage box, car refrigerator, 2-8 medical refrigerator, low temperature cold trap


Drug stability test chamber

Drug stability test box, comprehensive drug stability test box (single box), comprehensive drug stability test box (multiple boxes), drug strong light irradiation test box, drug high temperature test box, walk-in drug stability box, test box, others


Other test chambers

Deuterium lamp test chamber, ultraviolet test chamber, salt spray test chamber (heat), aging test chamber, expandable test chamber, seed germination chamber


Secure storage

Chemical series safety storage cabinet

Single cylinder cabinet, double cylinder cabinet, three cylinder cabinet, flammable liquid storage cabinet (yellow), flammable liquid storage cabinet (red), weak acid and weak alkali storage cabinet (blue), high-end poison storage cabinet, PP medicine cabinet / reagent cabinet, utensil cabinet, all steel medicine cabinet, tubeless gas purification medicine storage cabinet, flammable poison storage cabinet, strong acid and strong alkali cabinet


Clean area detection

All steel fume hood

All steel fume hood (1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 1800)


Biosafety cabinet

Desktop biosafety cabinet, single person operating biosafety cabinet (30% outside row, full row), double person operating biosafety cabinet (30% outside row, full row), three person operating biosafety cabinet (30% outside row, full row), others


Purification workbench

Vertical flow super clean worktable (single side / single side / double side / double side), horizontal flow super clean worktable (single side / single side / double side / double side), others


Dust particle counter

Hand held dust particle counter, desktop dust particle counter, large flow dust particle counter, others


Planktonic bacteria sampler

Portable planktonic bacteria sampler, desktop planktonic bacteria sampler, slit air planktonic bacteria sampler, atmospheric sampler, dust sampler


Other instruments

Air volume hood, air detector, environmental parameter tester, anemometer, thermometer (hygrometer)Temperature and humidity recorder, differential pressure meter, noise meter, illuminance meter, ozone concentration detector, smoke pen, air volume meter, dehumidifier, formaldehyde detector, oxygen detector, ammonia detector, TVOC detector, benzene detector, combustible gas detector, electronic recorder, flue gas analyzer, edible oil quality and pH value, infrared thermal imager, tachometer, Electrotechnical meter series pressure gauge, insulation resistance tester, vibration and alignment, clamp meter, multimeter, carbon dioxide detector, wood moisture detector, analyzer, other clean area instruments


Drug testing instrument

Solid preparation series

Intelligent dissolution tester, light proof dissolution cup, dissolution sampling system, vacuum degassing tester, disintegration tester, brittleness tester, intelligent tablet hardness tester, melting point tester, compaction tester, freezing force tester, Braun viscosity tester, gelatin transparency tester, thickness tester, melting time tester, tablet four purpose tester, hardness tester, low-temperature drug light tester, drug transdermal diffusion tester, coating machine, precision thermostatic enzyme tester, slicer, pill making machine


Liquid preparation series

Intelligent particle detector, bacterial endotoxin tester, intelligent heat source osmotic pressure tester, sterility test, clarity tester, drug solution color tester, clarity tester, particle analyzer


Other preparation series

Cone penetrometer, plaster softening point tester


Inspection of drug packaging materials


Water vapor transmittance tester, gas transmittance tester, electronic tensile machine (tester), special sample cutter for tensile machine test, heat sealing instrument, falling ball impact tester, sealing tester, pressure tester, burst tester, verticality deviation tester, stress tester (machine)Digital display axis deviation instrument, digital display circular runout instrument, bottom / wall / edge thickness instrument, breaking force instrument, tear force instrument, internal pressure testing machine, glass bottle / glass tube impact tester, electronic plastic bottle (bag) testing machine, electronic digital display torque instrument, glass container thermal shock resistance, thermal impact instrument, digital display glass tube straightness instrument, optical projection digital display measuring instrument, thickness gauge, viscosity (resistance)Tester, tear tester, other drug packaging material testing instruments


Food testing

Food safety inspection


Fat tester, fiber tester, protein titrator, digester, aflatoxin tester, chiller, feed mixing uniformity tester, nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium tester, amylose tester, other food testing instruments


Agricultural products testing

Pesticide residue rapid tester, soil analysis instrument, grain detection, agrometeorological monitoring, plant physiological detection, pest detection, environmental recorder, agricultural toolbox, sugar meter, fruit and vegetable detection, seed inspection


Environmental detection

Environmental detection


Multi parameter comprehensive water quality tester, single parameter water quality analyzer, BOD tester, digester automatic infrared oil tester, heavy metal tester, water pollutant tester, portable / rapid water quality testing box, soil testing cod quick tester, moisture analyzer



Water quality determination reagents, heavy metal reagents, inorganic pollutants, organic pollutants


Other environmental tests

Comprehensive environmental detection box, chlorine dioxide meter, lightning protection water level meter