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The Boyu R&D Center currently has more than 10 employees, all of whom have intermediate and senior technical titles, and all have professional theoretical and practical experience in the field of plastic machinery. Design and R&D are carried out based on PVC flooring equipment technology. Meet the needs of customer on cutting-edge equipment. By virtue of concept and modular design oriented by 3D CAD, the perfect optimization from the design stage to the finished product can be achieved to ensure high quality.

The Boyu R&D Center has been committed to the development of technologies in PVC flooring equipment, and has actively carried out research cooperation with various top universities and research institutes in China. In recent years, with the implementation of the company's innovation strategy, R&D carries a new mission of comprehensively leading innovation. We will further get closely to the market and customers to carry out collaboration and innovation, and hope to create a more beautiful world through our efforts.

Boyu Technology

Boyu Technology is a professional center dedicated to solving customer problems, discovering customer problems and proposing solutions to them. We have professional staff and teams dedicated to the research of various topics, confirming various solutions and proposing special solutions. Pre-sale support: We have many years of industry expertise, saving you more manpower and resources and making you get more peace in mind.