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How to Care for SPC Flooring?

Views:3 Publish Time: 2021-07-11 : Louis Lu

How to Care for SPC Flooring?

Boyu extruder commits SPC Flooring extrusion production line to flooring manufacturers does not end after the purchase, we are dedicated to helping their clients in terms of maintenance which we consider is also a top priority.

Here we would like to share you some suggestions how to clean and protect your spc flooring. 

Cleaning your spc floor

Cleaning is very important to keep your spc flooring good as new.

1, After installation, use a vacuum cleaner with the correct hard surface attachment or a broom to remove all dirt and dust, make sure you also get under furniture and in corners. Next step would be washing it with water and other recommended cleaning agents that do not contain wax or oil.

2, Use a well-rung wet mop or a clean cloth. For food stains from juice, chocolate, grease, and wine, use a non-abrasive cleaner and lukewarm water.For tough stains from nail polish, pen markers, crayons, lipstick, ink, tar, and cigarette burns, use a nail polish remover or denatured alcohol.Use a blunt plastic scraper to remove candle wax and chewing gum. Pet stains should be dealt with in a timely manner. If the floor is not cleaned within 24 hours, the stain may dull the finish.

Protecting Your Floor

Following below useful protection tips will make a difference in the life of your spc floor:

1, Avoid using rolling casters as it can cause dents in your spc flooring. Consider adding felt pads under your furniture e.g bottom of chairs and tables.

2, When moving appliances or heavy equipment in your house, place a piece of plywood on the route you are going to take the item to. Doing this will prevent scuff marks in your spc floor and will make the move easier.

3, Place a mat at your doorways, in order to keep out dirt, dust, sand and other elements from migrating into your house. 

With a little effort, your flooring will be able to take years of wear and tear and still look presentable.