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Features of LVT floor

Views:2 Publish Time: 2022-01-15 : Louis Lu

Features of LVT floor

Features of LVT floor

LVT flooring is a high-end vinyl material. LVT floor is a kind of PVC floor; it belongs to semi-rigid sheet plastic elastic floor. LVT flooring is divided into three categories: wood-grain stone-plastic flooring, stone-grain stone-plastic flooring and artistic colored stone-plastic flooring.

Wuxi Boyu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is the production line of PVC floor extrusion line and the pioneer of SPC floor equipment. The company integrates grille design, production, sales and after-sales service. We are your reliable partner in the plastic machine floor industry, providing high-quality, innovative and efficient extruders for the entire industry. Our equipment is environmentally friendly, and the floor produced by our equipment is formaldehyde-free, heavy-metal-free and recyclable.


Next, the editor of Boyu introduces the characteristics of LVT floor.

1. Fast and convenient installation: It can be installed on bricks and wood boards, as well as sheets, and is easy to install. Floor tiles are usually in a 12-inch square, so they are easy to handle and the tiles and planks on both sides are often manufactured with a "peel and stick" backing, which means they are easy for the owner to put down.

2. Humidity resistance: Vinyl flooring is completely waterproof, so it can be used almost anywhere in the home, including the main layer, upper layer and below.

3. Easy to clean up: Water only needs to be on the surface of the bead, so it is easy to clean up. In addition, regular cleaning and occasional wet mopping are all that is needed to keep a glue floor clean and bright.

4. Durability: Most vinyl flooring has a "wear layer" on the vinyl itself, so it can withstand normal traffic wear.