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How to clean PVC floor

Views:55 Publish Time: 2021-06-16 : Louis Lu

How to clean PVC floor

PVC flooring has been loved by more and more people in recent years. Let’s learn how to clean PVC flooring together, and we hope to bring you a little help.


1. In order to reduce the abrasion of the floor caused by the silt, the foot pad can be laid at the entrance and cleaned in time.


2. When moving furniture and equipment, cushion pads shall be added on the transportation route to avoid dragging directly on the floor.


3. Cushions shall be placed between the feet of furniture and equipment and the floor. The size of the cushion is slightly larger than that of the base.


4. In order to prevent scratching on the floor, do not wear shoes with spikes to walk on the ground. If possible, put on soft-soled shoes as much as possible.


5. At ordinary times, pay attention to avoid hard or sharp instruments falling on the floor and damaging the floor.


6. If the gum dirt adheres to the floor, you can use a plastic bag to pack water, freeze into ice cubes in the refrigerator, and then put them on the gum dirt to cool and harden, and then carefully scrape it off.


7. PVC floor should not be in direct contact with heat source, such as placing high temperature objects above 60 ℃ on the floor, such as electric kettle, etc. Long-term contact with high temperature objects will reduce the service life of the floor.


8.When cleaning the PVC floor, it is advisable to use a mild neutral detergent, wipe with warm water, and do not use strong acid or alkali to clean the floor. Be cautious when using organic solvents to treat floors.


9. If the PVC floor is sprinkled with ink, oil, etc., it must be treated in time. Daily cleaning only needs to use detergent water, soapy water to remove stains, and does not need to be polished with scouring wire (steel ball) to avoid unnecessary damage to the floor.


10. In order to reduce the abrasion of the surface of the PVC floor, prolong the service life of the floor, and keep the floor clean and beautiful, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned, waxed and maintained regularly, usually once every 1-2 months.