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Ultimate PVC Foam Board Guide

Views:144 Publish Time: 2022-09-13 : Louis Lu

Ultimate PVC Foam Board Guide

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam board made from PVC resin powder and activated light calcium carbonate is commonly used to replace wood boards. The most common applications for PVC foam boards include interior or exterior decorative furniture, partitions, display panels, and the construction industry. This material has several advantages, making it a popular choice for many industries and sectors. For example, PVC foam boards are heat resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and high strength and durability.

The PVC foam board market was valued at USD 112.45 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 154.65 by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 5.06%. This article will offer a guide to PVC foam boards. Keep reading!


What is PVC Foam Board?

PVC foam board is a lightweight, soft, durable sheet that is an excellent choice for various projects. The main raw materials are PVC resin powder, activated light calcium carbonate, and other foaming aids. The plastic foam board has a uniform closed-cell structure and many properties. PVC foam board is ideal for construction, transportation, signage, and furniture due to its flatness and bright, smooth surface.

Types of PVC Foam Board 

lPVC Free Foam Board

"Free" refers to using free foaming methods in production, the most basic process for producing PVC foam boards. The foamed PVC melt expands freely after leaving the die and entering the shaper separated from the die. PVC free foam board is widely used for signs and displays and has the lowest cost among all PVC foam board sheets.

lPVC Celuka Foam Board (PVC Crust Foam Board)

"Celuka" is one of the manufacturing processes of plastic foam boards. The Celuka method uses a mandrel inside the die, and the space between the mold and the calibrator is generally small. Cooling the surface in contact with the calibrator wall results in a greatly solid exterior. Therefore, PVC Celuka foam board has a harder surface than PVC free foam board.

lPVC Co-Extrusion Foam Board

The co-extrusion process is an upgraded version of the normal extrusion process. It makes the board composed of two rigid outer layers and a middle layer of PVC foam board sheet. The surface of PVC co-extruded foam board is harder and smoother than PVC Celuka foam board due to its rigid layer.

lPVC Laminated Foam Board

The PVC laminated foam board is a single-sided or double-sided composite PVC foam board. This product solves the problem of limited pattern selection of PVC foam board. Due to its PVC film or aluminum surface, PVC laminated foam board has a natural wood appearance and even has a wood grain texture.

Advantages and Benefits of PVC Foam Board

1. Durable

The abrasion resistance, mechanical strength, and durability of PVC foam boards make it an idea for building and construction applications.

2. Lightweight

PVC foam board is lightweight and can be assembled and transported quickly, an ideal replacement for traditional wooden boards.

3. Easy to Process

PVC foam board sheets can be easily cut into any shape or painted in any color to suit your requirements.

4. Non-Toxic

The plastic foam board is made from PVC, which is a safe and eco-friendly thermoplastic material without lead, barium, zinc, and cadmium..

5. Fire-Resistant

Due to the high chlorine content, PVC foam boards have fire-resistant properties.

6. Water-Resistant

PVC foam board waterproof depends on its composition.

7. Anti-Corrosion

PVC foam board doesn't react with chemicals, keeping its color and condition intact.

8. Soundproof

PVC foam board cannot completely isolate sound but can effectively block sound transmission.

9. Electrical Insulating

The electrical properties of PVC, such as electrical insulating or dielectric constant, make PVC foam board sheets ideal for transportation.

Applications of PVC Foam Board

lCeilings for cars, buses, and trains;

lPartition boards, interior panels, and decorative panels;

lIndoor furniture such as kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity;

lResidential and commercial construction materials;

lAdvertising boards, signages, displays, and computer lettering boards.


Why Choose Boyu

Wuxi Boyu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, specializing in production lines of PVC foam board sheets, and is known as the leader in SPC floor equipment. With more than 90 technical patents, we have been committed to developing and manufacturing the latest technology to become your trusted professional plastic extruder manufacturer.

Our high-quality PVC Foam Board Production Line is CE certified. In addition, the material of the plastic foam board machine is plasticized more thoroughly and uniformly in the barrel, which ensures the quality of the product, increases the speed of the extruder, and increases the production capacity.

In producing PVC foam board sheets, we are your first choice to integrate design, production, sales, and after-sales service Contact us to boost your business.

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