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Water Electret Production Line

Water Electret Production Line

Control mode  :PLC programed + Touch Screen Man-machine interface
PLC :Omron or Siemens for optional
Touch screen  :Chinese famous mature brand or Siemens
Low-voltage electric components :Schneider
Button/ Knob :Schneider
Frequency Inverte :Inovance or ABB or Siemens
Certificated : CE 

Product Description

Advantages of water electret technology

1. The performance of the meltblown fabric after the water electrostatic electret through this equipment is saturated with static electricity. This charging method can detect oil and salt properties, which can effectively solve the problem of improving the efficiency of meltblown fabric electret filtration in the mask industry and reducing after storage. The problem.

2. The equipment has a high degree of automation and does not have high requirements on the operating staff.

3. The filtration efficiency of meltblown fabric electret is above 99%+, static electricity does not attenuate (up to more than 2 years), low resistance (about 3-40% resistance reduction), that is to say, in the case of reducing air resistance, the filtration efficiency can be improved.

I.Design parameters





Operation Conditions

380V/3 phases/50Hz, DC24V.


Processed Products

Non woven Meltblown fabric


Filtration Efficiency 



Product Stardard



Machine Fabrication Certificate



Electric components certificate


II.Equipment model

Extruder model


Linear Speed







III.Equipment list


Our Certificate

  • Floor without EIR pattern
    Floor with EIR pattern(patents)

    Our conical twin-screw extruder can efficiently produce various high-quality floors to meet different demands.

  • American invention patent of EIR


    Value the safety and easy operability of our equipment, which are closely related to the people-oriented concept of our company.

  • European invention patent of EIR
    Chinese invention patent of EIR

    Our conical twin-screw extruder has European and Chinese invention patents of EIR. Our equipment's quality is guaranteed.

Contact us


Address: No.50, Xiqun Rd,Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.

Tel: 00 86 510 88271218

E-mail: boyu@byjh.cn

F-Web: https://www.boyuextruder.com/

Louis: 00 86 138 6187 5916

Candice: 00 86 138 1203 2650

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